Standing Desk Converters

Convert Any Desk to a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Transform any desk into a dynamic sit-stand workstation with our standing desk converters. Designed to fit on any existing desk and facilitate effortless transitions between sitting and standing, fostering improved health and productivity.

Our wide selection of standing desk converters, allows you to find your ideal standing desk solution.

Experience the convenience and health benefits of a sit-stand desk. Easy to use offering important health benefits enabling you to avoid sitting disease risks. For more information please contact

  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screenSupports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Portable, easy to transition – easy to carryPortable, easy to transition – easy to carry
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screenSupports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Black or White. 3-year warrantyBlack or White. 3-year warranty
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screenSupports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Natural bamboo worktop. 3-year warrantyNatural bamboo worktop. 3-year warranty
  • Supports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screensSupports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screens
  • Split level worktop 89cm wide. Best-SellerSplit level worktop 89cm wide. Best-Seller
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screenSupports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Thinner depth of 40cm. Best-SellerThinner depth of 40cm. Best-Seller
  • SINGLE monitor sit-stand solutionSINGLE monitor sit-stand solution
  • Optimal ergonomicsOptimal ergonomics
  • DUAL monitor screensDUAL monitor screens
  • FREE Delivery. 3-Year WarrantyFREE Delivery. 3-Year Warranty
  • Extra desk space: 120cm (W) x 59cm (D)Extra desk space: 120cm (W) x 59cm (D)
  • Easy install (5 minutes)Easy install (5 minutes)
  • Adjustable height corner desk converterAdjustable height corner desk converter
  • Black or White. 3-year warrantyBlack or White. 3-year warranty
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screenSupports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Black, Grey or White. 3-year warrantyBlack, Grey or White. 3-year warranty
  • 30-adjustable heights30-adjustable heights
  • FREE Delivery. 3-Year WarrantyFREE Delivery. 3-Year Warranty
  • Supports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screensSupports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screens
  • Stylish plywood edging. 3-Year warrantyStylish plywood edging. 3-Year warranty

Why Yo-Yo DESK®?

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Sustainability Certified
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Free Shipping & InstallationFree Shipping*
All desks installed free*On all items, excluding desktops
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Millions of Office Workers now enjoy the Benefits of Active Working. Join the Workplace Revolution TODAY

UK's #1

Britain’s Favourite Standing Desk

1 in every 10 sit-stand desks sold, is a Yo-Yo DESK®


of office workers in Denmark have a Sit-Stand desk

It’s a legal requirement for every office worker

10 Marathons

Convert 2 HOURS of sitting to standing each day

to burn calories equivalent to 10 marathons over a year

Quick Info
What is a Desk Converter?

A desk converter sits on top of an existing desk, table, or worktop, instantly converting it into a Sit-Stand desk

Desk converters enable the user to spend time both sitting and standing at your desk. They offer plenty of room for a keyboard, screen, and other necessary materials

Minimal or no installation required as they are ready to use straight from the box

A simple, low-cost way to enjoy the benefits of sit-stand working

Yo-Yo DESK® converters are all manually operated using spring-assisted handles, making them simple to move up or down

How does a sedentary lifestyle affect your health?

International research evidence informs us that extended periods of inactivity during our working hours can have detrimental effects on both our mental and physical health.

Some of the risks include muscular degeneration; disrupted blood sugar levels; increased insulin levels; raised blood pressure; lowered calorie burn; slow metabolism.

Even active people are at risk of prolonged sedentary working habits - including heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, certain cancers, back pain, dementia, and depression.

Pros and cons of buying a standing desk converter

Below we list some key advantages, but check out what our customers think by reading our Trustpilot reviews


  1. A standing desk converter is a low-cost solution to enjoy the benefits of Sit-Stand working

  2. Allows you to quickly transform any workstation into a health boosting standing desk.

  3. Yo-Yo DESK® converters arrive within 1-2 days (depending on model and availability) and are ready to use out of the box (simply attach keyboard using the toolkit provided).

  4. A Yo-Yo DESK® converter is robust and stable, enabling you to work from a seated or standing position with zero wobble.

  5. We offer 50% OFF all Active Feet Solutions with any standing desk, to encourage all our customers to keep moving more

  6. Word of warning - you may find you love sit-stand working so much you wish to upgrade from a manually operated desk converter to a full electric standing desk.

Standing desk converter vs electric desk

Electric standing desks require assembly / installation, but why not take advantage of the Yo-Yo DESK® FREE Installation service. Also, we recommend you choose a cable management system to manage wires from any electric standing desk and computer equipment.

Electric sit-stand desks take up more space as they include legs and full desktop, so you may consider replacing your existing desk, or desk frame (as we can recycle your existing desktop for you)

A stand-up desk converter requires no installation and is a low-cost way of enjoying the benefits of sit-stand working without having to rethink your office layout

Always double check the size and heigh-adjustment range of the model you have selected and make sure it will fit on top of your existing desktop, and that it has a height-adjustment range sufficient for your body height. We offer standing desk converters, such as the Yo-Yo DESK® GO, more appropriate for taller users.

Different types of Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converters fall into one of three categories:


  1. Standing Desk Converter solutions which are more robust and sturdier as the Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC or Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM which transforms any workstation into a Sit-Stand desk;

  2. If you need a portable standing desk converter that can be packed away when not in use, choose a lightweight, portable model, such as the Yo-Yo DESK® LITE.

  3. If you need greater height adjustment range, try the Yo-Yo DESK® GO, more appropriate for taller users.

Expert advice about desk converters

Internationally, health experts now recommend reducing sitting time and increasing activity whilst at work. Desk converters are a quick, low-cost, effective way to stand more without having to completely reorganize your workplace.

We recommend getting up every 30 minutes and start off your day working from a standing position while you check your emails and diary for the day. Then switch to a seated position for in-depth report writing, then back to standing when you take and make phone calls.

Video meetings are best made from a standing position as this helps keep you alert, creative and motivated. You can also stretch and move when you are listening in. And remember Stand-up meetings tend to run more efficiently and finish sooner.

Avoid the post-lunch energy slump by spending a period working with your desk converter in the upright position, and always leave your desk in the ‘up’ position when you leave your office for the day. This will remind you to start your morning working from your feet, especially if you have a sedentary commute.

If you compliment your desk converter with an anti-fatigue mat you will be likely to adopt even more micro-movements while you are on your feet, protecting joints and reducing fatigue. This improves the health benefits of a standing desk converter.

Expert advice about using a standing desk

Before getting started at a standing desk (or height adjustable desk) it is essential to first understand the benefits and best practice guidance on how to use it optimally. Yo-Yo DESK® founder, Gavin Bradley, is an international thought leader and donated much of his passion and time to the Active Working CIC social enterprise. Gavin hosts the annual international Active Working Summit bringing together scientists, stakeholders and workplace experts.

Gavin and key international experts recommend:


  1. Take regular mini breaks throughout your workday, and make sure you avoid “prolonged sitting” for bouts of 30 minutes or longer

  2. Also avoid prolonged static positions (sitting or standing) to maintain positive mental and physical health and remember “your best position is your next position”

  3. When using a keyboard – always make sure your wrists are never ABOVE your elbows. And ideally not more than 2cm BELOW your elbows

  4. Try to maintain a “meerkat position” when standing, but keep light on your feet, and use an antifatigue mat to promote more movement

  5. Stretch, use the stairs and walk around (especially when on the phone)

  6. Movement throughout your workday will help prevent aches, boost your metabolism and improve your wellness

What things should be considered before buying a desk con